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The Best Places To Live In Abuja

Posted on 10/07/2020 2:27 PM | by NaijaHouses

Abuja can be cheap or expensive (depending on your lifestyle), it’s close to other great international destinations (London, Paris, Dubai, Johannesburg, Nairobi etc.) and is a cosmopolitan city. Hotels, bars, clubs, restaurants, malls, leisure centres: if you can imagine it, you’ll likely find it here.

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Invest In Farmland In Nigeria

Posted on 10/07/2020 1:32 PM | by NaijaHouses

Investors can see significant benefits from investing in farmland, as against commercial or residential, depending on where and what type of farmland you purchase. Farmland is often seen as one of the best long term real estate investments out there (due to the rising global demand for food). As such, farmland can be used as part of a land banking strategy in Nigeria.

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Different Types Of Houses In Nigeria

Posted on 02/07/2020 10:57 AM | by NaijaHouses

Homes in Nigeria come in various styles, forms and shapes — from mansions to bungalows to terraces. These different types of houses all have something unique about them. The whole profession of architecture is dedicated to the designing and construction of such buildings — with particular attention paid to aesthetic values.

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Certificate of Occupancy — All You Need To Know

Posted on 02/07/2020 10:54 AM | by NaijaHouses

A Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) is a fundamental land title document in Nigeria — along with other documents like the survey plan and the deed of assignment. Getting a C of O is one of the steps you need to take when purchasing land or property in Nigeria. As a government-issued document, the Certificate of Occupancy proves ownership of land. This article will expand on this in detail.

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Plots, Acres, Hectares & Square Meters Explained — Land Sizes In Nigeria

Posted on 02/07/2020 10:50 AM | by NaijaHouses

What is the size of a plot of land? What is that in square metres? How does a plot compare with an acre or a hectare? These are questions often asked by Nigerian real estate buyers and sellers: to which you get a variety of different answers depending on who you ask.

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Why should you consider hiring a REALTOR

Posted on 02/07/2020 10:44 AM | by NaijaHouses

The temptation to save yourself the cost of hiring a real estate agent when selling your home can be overwhelming, and with more websites, books, and other resources popping up that claim to give you all the know-how and tools you’ll need to sell your home yourself, why should you consider hiring a REALTOR® at all? Like any job that requires a lot of insider knowledge and experience, hiring The MLS properties, they will ensure that you are getting the best price for your house with the minimal amount of work and worry. Not convinced? Here are just a few of the best reasons why no homeowner should sell their home without one.

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How do you go about owning land in Nigeria?

Posted on 02/07/2020 10:35 AM | by NaijaHouses

How do you go about owning land in Nigeria? In Nigeria, there are various land tenure systems that vary from the villages, towns or cities. The idea behind the land tenure system in Nigeria is to regulate land ownership behaviour in the country. There are various forms of land tenure systems in Nigeria ranging from Communal Ownership, Inheritance Tenure System, Leasehold Tenure System, Rent Tenure System, Gift Tenure System, Freehold Tenure System and Tenant at Government will.

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The best memory foam mattress you can buy today

Posted on 02/07/2020 10:28 AM | by NaijaHouses

Expertly crafted to adapt and conform to your body, the best memory foam mattresses deliver customized support and comfort. These foam mattresses have an elasticity from polyurethane foam that enables the mattress to bounce back to its original form, hence the reference to “memory.” In addition to the cradling comfort and alleviation of pressure points, memory foam mattresses provide motion isolation, which is fantastic for co-sleepers who actively change position throughout the night. 

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Florals: How to Use This Classic Pattern in a Modern Way

Posted on 15/06/2020 3:25 PM | by NaijaHouses

Floral prints are a classy addition to any space. However, they have the reputation of being a type of pattern associated with older home styles. Country kitchens tend to use florals on wallpaper. Victorian styles have floral prints on everything. Even retro spaces sometimes go for funky and artsy floral prints. But if you want a modern space, you don’t have to give up on florals completely. You can incorporate florals into the most contemporary of spaces.

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Bed and Mattress Height

Posted on 28/05/2020 1:36 PM | by NaijaHouses

Most people think about the size of the mattress when it comes to finding a new bed. But bed height and mattress height are often overlooked as factors that affect personal comfort, body health and the overall aesthetic of your sleep space. An amazing night’s sleep is quickly undone if you struggle to get out of bed.

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